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Remedy says it’s working on Control’s performance problems

The developer is working to make the game more playable on older consoles

A woman in a red room slams an enemy soldier with psychic energy Remedy Entertainment/505 Games
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Remedy’s newest game, Control, is receiving extraordinary praise from fans and critics alike. But, since its launch earlier this week, players have been running into all kinds of performance issues, especially on consoles. The developer has heard players cries and, according to a statement released Friday morning, is working on fixing some of the game’s most unusual problems.

While the PC version has its own problems, they’re subtle compared to the difficulties some players are having on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where the game doesn’t run particularly well at all. As Digital Foundry points out in their breakdown of the game’s performance, the framerate is a particular issue. It can drop all the way down to 10 fps on standard devices, making the game almost completely unplayable.

Remedy says it’s working on a solution to these issues, but they won’t be easy to solve. It will take time, and Remedy wants players to know that developers are already hard at work and will have updates in the future.

PC players are also having some issues, especially with Nvidia’s new breed of RTX graphics cards. According to Remedy, most of these issues will be solved by simply updating the card’s drivers. Meanwhile, players looking to remove the game’s motion blur and film grain settings will be able to do that as soon as the next update.

Remedy also plans to add improvements to the in-game map in the near future. The current map sometimes fails to load entirely. Broadly speaking, it tends to only show locations without giving players enough of an idea about how to reach them. An updated map should do a better job of prioritizing important information and making sure that everything is displayed correctly.

One addition that won’t be making it to the game is high-dynamic range. Also known as HDR, it expands the available color palette and increases the contrast ratio, which tends to give games more vibrant colors and agressive lighting effects. Control already has incredible effects in-game, including some of the best ray tracing around, but it doesn’t support HDR and it won’t in the future. Instead, Remedy is choosing to focus on the game’s larger feature additions such as the upcoming Photo Mode.

Remedy hasn’t set a firm date for the Control’s next update, but according to this statement it should be out sometime in “mid to late September.”

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