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Homeworld 3 is in development, watch the first teaser trailer from PAX West

A proper sequel is finally on its way

Gearbox has announced Homeworld 3, the long-awaited sequel in the classic real-time strategy series. The announcement, made during the company’s PAX West panel, comes on the eve of the franchise’s 20th anniversary. Today’s announcement includes a teaser trailer for the game, which we’ve embedded above. The project which will be funded at least in part through the Fig platform.

The real-time strategy series is known for its three-dimensional space combat, including massive capital ships to throw at your enemies. In the first game, players took control of Kushan, from the recently destroyed planet of Kharak, as they fought to reclaim their original world from the Taiidan Empire.

Homeworld was originally published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by Relic Entertainment. In 2013, Gearbox bought the rights to the series from THQ and released remastered versions of the first two games in the series.

The latest entry in the Homeworld series came in 2016 with the prequel Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The game took place long before the destruction of Kharak and showed what life was like on the planet. This prequel was developed by Blackbird Interactive, a studio formed by some members of the original Homeworld team. Blackbird Interactive is also the team behind Homeworld 3.

The Fig campaign, which allows for rewards-based backing and the opportunity to invest in the success of the game, is now live.

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