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Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operators look like Indiana Jones characters

Latest season’s characters appear to be Central American treasure hunters

Three characters pose with their weapons in Rainbow Six Siege artwork Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is about to embark on the third season of its fourth year since launch, and according to concept art fans have found recently, the two new operators players will meet look like a couple of treasure hunters straight from an Indiana Jones flick.

Concept art for the new characters slipped out over the weekend and ended up on the game’s subreddit. Skeptical players there aren’t sure that the images really fit the idea of a Siege fighter, but when they’re taken in with some hints previously revealed by the game’s support roadmap, it seems plausible. Me personally, I’m captivated by the female character depicted, who looks like a straight-up tribute to Marion Ravenwood.

Reddit user Eevim

I mean, right?

Lucasfilm ltd./Paramount Pictures

How she fits into a tactical, teamwork shooter like Siege, I dunno, but as Ubisoft Montreal has found its stride with the game, characters with unorthodox backstories have joined the action. In the leaked concept art, the new fighter seems to be paired with this hombre, who resembles either Recondo from G.I. Joe or Tom Selleck from Quigley Down Under, not sure.

Screenshot via Reddit

Ubisoft’s latest guidance is that the newest operators will hail from Peru and Mexico, which doesn’t necessarily mean their ethnicity or national origin, they could be just popping in after dodging a boulder at the Hovitos dig.

Anyway, Rainbow Six Siege is about to embark on a new season so we will find out for sure soon enough. These two heroes will be followed at the end of the year by two more operators, from Kenya and India.

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