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Fortnite players immediately discover how to build inside Tilted Town

That was fast

Epic Games

The biggest thing in Fortnite’s latest update has to be the addition of Tilted Town, an old-west take on the most popular spot on the island. The twist is that you can’t build while standing inside of Tilted Town — there can only be shootouts. It’s a good idea that shakes up the Fortnite everyone knows and loves, and it’s typically a game that relies heavily on building. Too bad players have already figured out how to undo the new limitation.

On social media, Fortnite players are sharing a variety of methods that allow you to step into Tilted Town with your building abilities intact. There are two methods that we’re aware of. The first involves building a platform right outside the edge of town, like so:

Polygon’s Austen Goslin tested out this method and it worked. He notes that the Twitter user above is “editing the floor out from under himself and falling in” to Tilted, and this sequence of events prevents the game from triggering the transformation sequence.

Another method making the rounds right now involves the hoverboard. While standing on the vehicle on the edge of the border, all you have to do is shoot the hoverboard into the area. Presto:

Basically, it seems as if people are gaming the edge of Tilted Town, which appears to govern whether or not you can build inside the new area. Epic did not respond in time for press, but one thing seems certain: If you see someone wearing normal clothes in Tilted, run away. They’re doing the glitch and will be able to build, even if you can’t.

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