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New Anthem patch finally adds endgame Cataclysm activity

New Masterworks and melee weapons are live in Anthem’s latest patch

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On Tuesday, BioWare updated Anthem to patch 1.3.0. This long awaited update adds a host of new features, including the Cataclysm activity for players.

Alongside a new mission, the Cataclysm is the biggest addition in this update. BioWare describes the activity as a mode that evolves over time and emphasizes teamwork. Players can work together through various modifiers to earn seasonal currency and climb the leaderboards.

Players who experienced the Cataclysm on test servers were not particularly positive. It seems the activity tasks players with flying around the open world, completing objectives that every Anthem player is already familiar with, and then defeating a final boss.

Cataclysms were originally supposed to drop much earlier in Anthem’s life, as part of the game’s first 90 days (called Act 1). The studio revealed a delay in April that pushed the Cataclysm out of its intended May window.

In addition to the content updates, BioWare also re-balanced several in-game features.

The Luck stat is completely gone, replaced with Bonus Armor. All drops in the game, up to Grandmaster 1, now function as if the player had maximum luck. Difficulties beyond that have much higher luck chance than previously possible.

Update 1.3.0 adds some new weapons for players to use in the Cataclysms and around the world. The new weapons are the Pulse Accelerators, Volt Casters, and Blade Slingers. Each of these new weapon types also come with Masterwork variants. All Javelins also have a few new Masterwork weapons for existing gear pieces.

The studio added a new gear slot for melee weapons. This allows players to customize what kind of melee damage they do, and allows them to build in more melee centric directions. Support items also have Masterwork variants now.

BioWare reduced the amount of health and shields for most non-boss enemies, as well as further re-balanced some numbers for all enemies.

Anthem Update 1.3.0 is live now for all players.

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