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Apex Legends gets a limited-time solo mode

The Iron Crown Collection Event will let players compete solo

Apex Legends - Bloodhound’s raven landing on their arm Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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Since Apex Legends’ release earlier this year, fans have been clamoring for the chance to compete alone. So far, the game has only allowed squads of three, but that’s about to change thanks to an upcoming Iron Crown Collection event announced via the Apex Legends Twitter account.

The video features some of the game’s most recognizable Legends, like Bangalore and Bloodhound, standing with their squad mates who slowly fade away. Then when they’re on their own, the trailer tells us that only one can reign supreme.

The trailer also says that the solo mode will only run for a limited time, probably just while the Iron Crown Collection event is happening. However, if the mode proves popular it’s always possible that Respawn could bring it back permanently. We’ve already seen that happen once with Apex Legends. The game’s ranked mode, or a version of it, was added during Bloodhound’s event, while the real ranked mode didn’t debut until season 2’s launch.

The trailer doesn’t shine any light on what the actual event will be like, but if the Bloodhound event was any example, we can probably expect a few new cosmetics to come along as well. The Iron Crown Collection event will start on Aug. 13 and run through Aug. 27.

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