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Haunt offers a terrifying take on the ‘extreme’ haunted house

I will stick with normal haunted houses, thank you very much

A Quiet Place screenwriting duo Scott Beck and Brian Woods are teaming up with producer Eli Roth for Haunt, a new horror movie that takes on the terrifying question, “What if haunted houses were truly haunted?”

The film takes place on Halloween when a group of friends decide to enter an “extreme” haunted house that theoretically will prey on their deepest fears. However, things take a turn for the worse when some of the monsters inside the house turn out to be real. Now, the challenge is making it out alive. The trailer promises a healthy dose of potential gore and features more than one creepy, lurking spider. Fun!

Katie Stevens (The Bold Type) stars as Harper, a young woman and the leading character of the film. Harper’s abusive relationship comes to a head the week of Halloween, and on the night of, she’s mostly looking to let go and have a good time with her friends. However, we get the impression that her ex is stalking her, and of course, everything goes awry.

“We’re trying to merge this character story with kind of slasher tropes,” Woods told Entertainment Weekly in June.

Haunt will be released in theaters, digital, and on demand on Sept. 13.

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