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First trailer for Honey Boy reveals Shia LaBeouf playing his own father

The film also stars Lucas Hedges, Noah Jupe, and FKA Twigs

Shia LaBeouf’s ups and downs have been well documented given his place in the public eye, from his marathon of his own movies at New York’s Angelika, to wearing a paper bag on his head at the Berlin International Film Festival, to being arrested for public drunkenness.

It’s what makes Honey Boy, the movie LaBeouf wrote (and stars in) based on his own life, such an object of fascination. The film, directed by Alma Har’el, premiered at Sundance earlier this year to positive reviews, and the first trailer packs a punch.

This is the first good look we’ve gotten as LaBeouf playing a version of his own father, sporting a receding hairline and sideburns (and accent) that put him at the furthest remove from his image as a child star. Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges play the fictionalized version of LaBeouf as a child star and as a young man beginning to spiral out. (Hedges in particular is doing an uncanny LaBeouf impression.)

The film also stars FKA Twigs, Maika Monroe, Natasha Lyonne, and Martin Starr, and is set to hit theaters on Nov. 8.

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