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Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s latest trailer finally shows Reno and the Turks

Reno, Rude, and Tseng are all here

Square Enix showed off the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer at the Tokyo Game Show, and it gave us another look at the game’s heroes, as well as showing off some more nefarious characters.

The trailer mostly focuses on introducing us to the game’s characters. We see Cloud fighting alongside Tifa, and get a brief scene of their backstory. Barret is also along for some fights, and we even get a small introduction for Aerith. Though he doesn’t get an official intro in the trailer, Sephiroth seems to be waiting in the wings like a dark presence behind everything that’s happening.

There are also a few smaller fan-favorite characters that get an appearance in the trailer. The Turks play a big role; Reno shows up and picks a fight with Cloud more than once and Rude takes on Cloud and Aerith. Even Tseng gets a brief and menacing cameo.

As for the new gameplay this trailer is a little light, mostly focusing on the combat from the longer E3 demo we’ve already seen. There is one new section that appears to be a rhythm-based workout mini-game where you can box with Cloud or see how many pull ups Tifa can do.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake will be released on March 3, 2020.

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