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Death Stranding ‘Briefing’ trailer shows 7 minutes of story

Hideo Kojima releases lengthy Oval Office scene

Death Stranding from Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions released a seven-minute exposition trailer for Death Stranding today, as Tokyo Game Show got underway.

The “Briefing” trailer sets the stage for Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima’s TGS presentation in the next few hours, in which he’ll be showing more gameplay from the PlayStation 4 title. But the trailer is entirely focused on a single scene, set in the White House Oval Office.

Amelie (Lindsay Wagner) is the presumed leader of the United States. She’s in conference with the game’s central figure Sam (Norman Reedus) as well as Die-Hardman (Tommie Earl Jenkins) who runs an organization called Bridges, which seeks to reconnect a fractured country.

As the scene unfolds, it becomes clear that Sam is being courted to run a rescue mission on the West Coast. Amelie makes use of holograms and strange little stop-motion toy soldiers to explain the situation. In turn, Sam exudes hard-bitten cynicism at the entire plan.

Death Stranding is Kojima’s first production since his bitter split from publisher Konami, where he produced a string of hits based on the Metal Gear franchise. The game is heavy on story and eye-raising cut-scenes that have provoked much interest. Doubtless, this trailer will be intensely scrutinized and analyzed by fans.

Death Stranding will be released on Nov. 8. We’ll have more from TGS 2019, as news emerges.

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