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Paul Rudd faces off against Paul Rudd in trailer for Living With Yourself

Two Paul Rudds, one shared life

Looks like man-facing-against-better-version-of-himself is a trend this fall. In addition to Gemini Man, which will feature aging Will Smith pitted against young Will Smith, we’re getting Living With Yourself, which will feature grumpy Paul Rudd pitted against optimist Paul Rudd.

In the first trailer for the existential comedy from Netflix, we see a jaded, work-worn Paul Rudd seek out a spa treatment that promises to make him the “best he can be.” And it works! He awakes from the spa treatment feeling motivated and happy. Everything in his life starts to turn around. He’s approaching each new day with boundless joy — until he comes face-to-face with himself.

Turns out, happy Paul Rudd is some sort of clone, built from the original jaded Paul Rudd. The spa buried original Paul Rudd deep underground and he clawed his way out. Now, the two Paul Rudds need to figure out how to balance one life — wacky hijinks ensue! Also deep, probing questions. Also guns, axes, and blood? There is a lot going on here.

Living With Yourself comes out on Netflix on Oct. 18.

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