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You can now call Yoda to wish you a good night

The Disney Bedtime Hotline is back online

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Good news to all the insomniacs out there. Disney’s Bedtime Hotline returns from Sept. 16 to Sept. 30. The hotline which debuted last August, gave fans a chance to hear bedtime messages from the core Disney cast of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, or Goofy.

The hotline returns for the next two weeks, this time with a lineup taking advantage of Disney’s full trove of IP. In addition to Mickey, callers can also get messages from Woody, Jasmine, and Elsa and Anna, as well as as some unexpected choices from Disney properties. Specifically Yoda and Spider-Man.

That’s right, Yoda is a Disney character and now he tells you about the importance of sleep as you curl up for the night.

Calling 1-877-7-MICKEY — toll free! — leads you to an automated voice messaging system, which then prompts you to select which character will wish you a bedtime message. Okay, this service is technically for children, but c’mon, everyone needs a little pick me up from Yoda.

“Feel the Force surround you,” says Bedtime Yoda. “Like a blanket it is.”

Yoda! Speaking words of wisdom, as always.

In case you were wondering, the Spider-Man wishing kids goodnight isn’t Tom Holland, but someone who sounds like the plucky teen protagonist of a Disney XD series — so an off-brand Tom Holland.

The Disney Bedtime Hotline is relaunching to celebrate a new line of Disney sleep products, including a subscription box to make bedtime easier for parents and kids. That’s all well and good for people with small children, but as someone without any younglings running around, I’m just glad Yoda can wish me sweet dreams every night for the next two weeks.

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