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Overwatch’s new event lets you unlock a Lego Bastion skin

Bastion’s Brick Challenge kicks off Sept. 17

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Overwatch players will have something to tide them over between last month’s Summer Games and the forthcoming Halloween Terror seasonal events, thanks to Bastion’s Brick Challenge, a new two-week mini-event. Players can earn a new legendary skin for everyone’s favorite nature-loving turret as well as some other cosmetics by playing the game and watching select streamers on Twitch.

Bastion’s new Brick Bastion skin gives the friendly-but-deadly Omnic a new Lego-inspired skin. The game company and The Lego Group have a very cozy relationship, and the other cosmetics available as part of the new challenge are Lego versions of characters like Genji, Hanzo, Tracer, and Pharah.

To get Brick Bastion, players simply need to win games of Overwatch in either quick play, arcade, or competitive modes. The event is similar to Ana’s Bastet event and D.Va’s Nano Cola event. Here are the requirements for the Brick Bastion Challenge:

  • Win three games: two player icons
  • Win six games: two new sprays
  • Win nine games: Brick Bastion skin

Three additional sprays can be earned by watching streamers play Overwatch on Twitch. Viewers who have their account associated with their Twitch account can earn drops: one spray for watching two hours, two player icons for watching four hours, and two player icons and two sprays for watching six hours.

Overwatch’s Brick Bastion Challenge will run Sept. 17-30. Here’s a look at Brick Bastion in his many forms:

Bastion sits down in his new brightly colored, Lego-inspired Brick Bastion skin in a screenshot from Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment
Bastion jumps through the air in tank form in his colorful Lego-inspired Brick Bastion skin in a screenshot from Overwatch. Blizzard Entertainment
Bastion fires in turret form in his colorful Lego-inspired Brick Bastion skin inside the Hanamura arcade in a screenshot from Overwatch. Blizzard Entertainment