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Netflix’s Stephen King adaptation In the Tall Grass gets a chilling trailer

What lurks in the grass?

Our first look at the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s In the Tall Grass really makes the monocotyledon plant absolutely terrifying.

Siblings Cal and Becky venture into a mysterious grassy field in Kansas after hearing a young boy’s cries for help. Initially thinking that the tall grass is just totally normal tall grass, they soon realize that there is something wrong. Despite wandering the field, they can’t seem to find each other or the small boy.

Night quickly falls. New faces pop up in the tall grass. What does the tall grass want? What awaits in it? Not Pokémon encounters, that’s for sure.

The novella was originally published in Esquire in 2012. Director Vincenzo Natali (Splice) spoke about doing an adaptation of In the Tall Grass as early as 2015, though Netflix picked up the rights and got the project rolling in 2018. Patrick Wilson (Orm from Aquaman!) will play Ross, a man wandering the grass, with Rachel Wilson (Total Drama) playing Natalie, a woman wandering the grass.

In the Tall Grass drops on Netflix on Oct. 4.

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