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Destiny 2 developer video reveals Year 3 and beyond

Bungie will start to build a new story this October, with a conclusion coming next year

With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep only a couple of weeks away, Bungie revealed a new video on Tuesday detailing its upcoming content plans. This developer diary focuses on the story that Shadowkeep starts, and the conclusion that will appear in Destiny next year.

Bungie will start a new Destiny story with Shadowkeep, the studio said in the video. The story focuses around something that returning character Eris Morn discovers on the Moon. Through the Season of the Undying — which runs parallel to Shadowkeep — Bungie will twist the story and resolve a small piece of it later this year. That resolution will carry players into season 9.

We don’t know anything about seasons 9 through 11 at this time, other than that each one will evolve the Shadowkeep story in a new way. And Bungie is promising that it will deliver a conclusion to the yearlong story in season 11 — something the studio hasn’t traditionally done in the past.

Based on the developer interview in the video, the cycle will start again with season 12 and the next Destiny expansion. Each year of Destiny 2 will look similar to the previous year: a new expansion in the fall, and four seasons of content following the add-on. The goal is to keep players engaged all year long — both with new rewards and a story that connects the seasons to each other.

But now that Bungie is independent and in complete control of Destiny, it notes that this plan could shift depending on fan feedback.

For some cool shots of the Moon location, new weapons, and the new dungeon, check out the ViDoc linked above. Bungie will release Destiny 2: Shadowkeep on Oct. 1 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. The studio will release the Google Stadia version later this year.

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