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The Way of the Househusband uses yakuza action to teach housekeeping skills

Don’t judge a book by its cover, even if its cover says ‘yakuza’

Tatsu explains who he is to two bewildered cops Viz Media
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The Way of the Househusband, Kousuke Oono’s new manga, debuted Tuesday online and in stores, and it’s the perfect blend of comedy and action. It’s the delightful story of a powerful former member of the yakuza and his transition to be a stay-at-home husband.

Oono still draws Tatsu as a scary dude. Even though he’s not in the yakuza anymore, he still wears his huge aviator sunglasses, slicks back his hair, and wears suits. His aura is menacing, to say the least, and the people around him can tell what his previous line of work was.

But he’s also doing great work as a househusband, and Oono uses that work to give the reader genuinely helpful housekeeping tips, the best part of The Way of the Househusband. While not every chapter has a good tip, learning how to get out stains using hydrogen peroxide or how to clean in the crevices of your home is a sweet reward to an otherwise still very good manga.

While Way of the Househusband lacks an overarching plot, favoring chapterlong stories instead, it’s a nice, silly pick-me-up manga. Each chapter chronicles a different part of Tatsu’s daily life, from run-ins with former rival yakuza groups to just going to the grocery store to make dinner. His appearance and his way of talking — riddled with yakuza slang — tend to get him in trouble, but by the end of each chapter, a new person realizes how soft and kind Tatsu really is.

His way of completing tasks also tends to get violent, so the manga creates a perfect blend of home living and weird yakuza action, from the occasional chase scene to the wholesome romance between Tatsu and his wife.

The Way of the Househusband is available to buy now in paperback or digital from most booksellers.

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