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New Knives Out trailer is chock full of clues, kooky characters, and Chris Evans

“I read a tweet about a New Yorker article about you!”

The latest trailer for Rian Johnson’s whodunnit is steeped in murder mystery hijinks, quippy one liners, and an incredibly colorful cast of characters.

The set-up harkens back to any good ol’ fashioned murder mystery. The esteemed patriarch of a wealthy family is found dead after the family gathered for his 85th birthday. While the death is initially thought to be a suicide, the detective involved begin to suspect something is amiss...

Johnson previously tweeted out character posters, with breakdowns in the style of Murder Mystery Queen Agatha Christie. We’ve got the “The Patriarch” (Christopher Plummer), “The Renowned Investigator” (Daniel Craig), “The Devoted Caretaker” (Ana De Armas), and so many more. The ensemble cast also includes LaKeith Stanfield as the Police Detective, Michael Shannon as the Publishing Heir, Jaden Martell as the Internet Troll, Toni Collette as the Lifestyle Guru, Katherine Langford as the Social Activist, Jamie Lee Curtis as the Real Estate Mogul, Don Johnson as the Desperate Son-in-Law, and Chris Evans as the Trust Fund Playboy.

Knives Out comes to theaters Nov. 27.

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