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Apex Legends season 3 brings a new character named Crypto and the new Charge Rifle

Meet Apex Legends’ new cyborg hacker

Apex Legends’ season 3 character Crypto, a cyborg hacker with a gun and a drone. Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends’ second season has almost come to an end, and that means season 3 is right around the corner. With the new season set to start on Oct. 1, Respawn Entertainment has given us our first glimpse at what’s next for Apex Legends. Among the new additions for season 3 will be the game’s newest character, Crypto, as well as the new Charge Rifle weapon.

As with the first two seasons, the biggest new addition to Apex Legends for season 3 will likely be the new character. This time around Crypto will be joining the fight, and Respawn made a snazzy animated cinematic to introduce him. While we don’t know what his abilities in the arena will be just yet, he’s definitely got a hacker flair to him, and he’s likely to tap into that with his play style.

As for the other additions coming this season, we don’t know much about them either. The Charge Rifle could be something like a gun that fires a continuous beam, since the announcement describes it as a “directed-energy weapon,” but we’ll have to wait for more details on it to know for sure. This season will also introduce a new Battle Pass, which Respawn says will include over 100 exclusive items, but we haven’t seen any of those yet.

Respawn does give a few extra details on Apex Legends’ Ranked Series 2, which will start alongside Apex Legends’ third season. Respawn has an in-depth post that describes the changes coming with this next iteration of ranked, but it seems like the developer was fairly happy with Series 1 and is mostly making minor improvements. Most notably, there will be a soft reset of all players’ ranks at the beginning of the new series. This will ensure that everyone, even those few players who have reached the Apex Predator rank, will have the chance to climb when the new series begins.

Season 3 of Apex Legends won’t launch until Oct. 1. Respawn will probably release a few more details in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the season.

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