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Minecraft has a built-in character creator now

You can be a mermaid

The new Minecraft character creator really lets you do what you want Microsoft via ForgeLogical

Minecraft’s latest update has added a character creator to the game. After years of only using skins over the same model, players can finally change body types, add hairstyles, and even wear accessories.

The notes for patch announce that the character creator is now available for beta testers. This update actually lets players change their character beyond their model. Hat bills will stick out. The backpack you’re wearing will actually be a backpack and not just a texture on your flat back. Your character can have a mermaid tail. You can finally change the height of your character. Unfortunately, it seems that a bulk of the accessories need to be purchased, but the option’s existence is still cool.

For players who want to use traditional skins still, you can do that. Just go your profile and edit your character from there. Players have been designing their own skins since the dawn of Minecraft, and though the character creator adds a lot of new options, there’s still some charm in pixeling your own skin yourself ... or maybe you just want to be an anime character that you can’t replicate as well with the character creator.

This is only available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android for now, but it’ll roll out for other platforms once the beta ends.

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