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It’s a shame we won’t get Link in Overwatch

The world could always use the Hero of Time

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Overwatch is coming to Nintendo Switch on Oct. 15, but sadly that version of the game won’t ship with a playable Link from The Legend of Zelda, as teased by this fan-made trailer.

Created by a five-person team of animators and artists, the Link character trailer offers a glimpse of what the hero of Hyrule might look like in Overwatch’s world. Link gets three Play of the Game highlight intros as part of the animation: a spin attack, opening an Overwatch loot box to acquire a golden rupee, and a dashing thrust. They’re all great and the character’s Overwatch-style redesign gives fans a chance to speculate how Link might play in Blizzard’s game.

He’s obviously equipped with sword and shield, but also has a trio of magic potions strapped to his chest, so Link might be a little too close to Brigitte to make sense as a possible hero. Given Link’s deep arsenal of weapons and items, however, he could be a very versatile hero.

Sadly, but obviously for balance reasons, Overwatch doesn’t do platform-specific guest heroes, making this a fun and well-crafted exercise in character creation.

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