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Link’s Awakening fans are butting up against the game’s bullshit crane game

Too real, man

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Link holds an apple core. Nintendo

Players who picked up the Nintendo Switch remake of the classic action adventure game The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening last week have started to flow into the game’s Trendy Game shop, where you can bet some rupees for a chance of winning something in a crane game. Trendy Game was available in the original Game Boy title, but unlike that iteration, the remake uses physics to determine whether or not you get the object. This means that it’s surprisingly easy to not get anything even if you hook the item.

It’s total bullshit. But also, the whole thing probably plays more realistically now — crane games are hardly fair. Still, it’s hilarious to watch people grab items cleanly, only to have the conveyor belt fail them, or to have it slip out of reach anyway. On Twitter, players are sharing footage of crane fails, as well as bemoaning the whole experience.

The best part? The garbage win factor isn’t really stopping anyone from being addicted to the crane game anyway. If anything, it’s just motivating people to try more and more.

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