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The Breaking Bad movie’s big trailer finds Jesse on the run

El Camino picks up with Pinkman after the series’ ending

The first trailer for El Camino, a Breaking Bad sequel film coming to Netflix next month, trumpeted the return of ... Skinny Pete. The next taste of the film was just a moody moment stewing in the titular car with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Now we finally have a full trailer for the film, written and directed by series creator Vince Gilligan, and it’s a stirring two minutes of footage. El Camino reportedly picks up right where the show left off, Jesse having escaped incarceration by white supremacists with the help of Walter White, who went out in a blaze of glory. The trailer finds Jesse coming up for air and wanted by the police. In true Breaking Bad fashion, his coda looks to involve a dose of violence and lots of scenic desert vistas.

We see snippets of the past leak back into his life — a photo of Andrea and Brock is a real punch to the gut — but the path of the future is clear. The police want him, and Jesse needs redemption.

El Camino, in all its wide-shot, high-saturation, high-contrast glory, arrives on Netflix on Oct. 11.

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