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Fortnite’s aim assist is getting some major changes

The new Combine mode will also let players practice their aim

Two Fortnite characters stand at the entrance to the Combine. Epic Games

Controllers versus keyboard and mouse has been one of Fortnite’s hottest topics of debate for months now. Keyboard and mouse is faster in building and editing, while controllers often have better precision thanks to Fortnite’s aim assist. And both sides think the other has it easier. But as part of Fortnite’s upcoming patch v10.40 Epic Games is changing the way controller aiming and customization works, and it may just bring the two methods of control a little bit closer together.

The biggest change coming to controller players in this patch is the addition of new and reworked settings. Settings like look sensitivity aim sensitivity, build sensitivity, and aim sensitivity are all still around but there’s also now an advanced menu that offers more ways to customize how aiming works on the controller.

The advanced menu includes things like variable speeds when analog sticks are partially or fully pushed in a direction, which should give console players more accurate ways to control their camera and aim. There’s also now a setting that will allow controller players to adjust the exact strength of their aim assist.

Speaking of aim assist, it’s also getting a rework in this patch. Rather than the previous version, which players could often abuse by spamming the left trigger to reacquire their target, Epic is introducing a new version of aim assist that will vary depending on how far away the target is. It’s unclear if this change will close the gap between controller and keyboard aimers, but it should be a step in the right direction.

The other aim-training addition coming in patch v10.40 is the new Combine mode. According to Epic this mode is going to be a place for players to practice their aim outside of regular matches. But this mode isn’t just for training, it will also feature a leaderboard, that can be separated for controller or keyboard and mouse, so players can compete to see who has the quickest aim.

These settings, along with Combine mode, and a host of other changes, are all due to release with patch v10.40, which Epic has said will go live on Sept. 25.

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