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Arise reveal trailer shows a platforming journey through a vibrant world

Techland and Piccolo Studio take one man on an emotional journey

an old man walks toward islands in the water with the sun hanging low in the sky in the background in Arise Piccolo/Techland Publishing via PlayStation/Twitch

During the September 2019 PlayStation State of Play, Techland and Piccolo Studio revealed a new title called Arise.

The trailer describes Arise “a simple story,” and it focuses on a single man’s journey through a bizarre world. The gameplay looks to be of a 2.5D puzzle platformer, where players can climb walls, break down trees to make bridges, and jump across giant flowers. The player seems to start on an snow covered mountain, but the rest of the trailer shows off different biomes, each with its own color palette and obstacles.

The player character is an old, bearded man wearing a variety of furs to keep him warm in the frozen tundra. It’s not clear what he’s looking for, but the trailer makes it seem like he’s returning to his lost tribe or family. One of the final shots of the trailer is of a stone statue in the snow, which may be a hint to what the old man is looking for.

The State of Play presentation didn’t offer a date for Arise, although it will come to PlayStation 4 when Techland and Piccolo Studio release it.

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