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MediEvil remake demo comes to PS4 today

The demo will only be available until Oct. 6

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MediEvil, the remake of the 1998 PlayStation cult classic hack-and-slash game, will be released at the end of October, but players who can’t wait that long will get the chance to demo the game a little sooner. Sony announced during its State of Play livestream that the the MediEvil Short-Lived Demo will be available on the PlayStation Store today.

The demo looks like it will give players a small taste of the game’s new combat, which looks to include everything from bows and arrows, to swords and axes. But it wouldn’t be MediEvil without slapstick humor, so skeleton protagonist Sir Daniel pulling his own arm off and using it as a weapon looks to be an option in the demo as well.

MediEvil’s demo also includes a special reward for players that will unlock in the full game: Dan’s helmet. It isn’t quite clear what the helmet will do, but if you play the demo, at least you’ll have it. The demo will only be available until Oct. 6, and MediEvil will be released in full on Oct. 25.

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