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Fire Emblem: Three houses hack opens up more gay marriage options

Fans save the day

Fire Emblem may be a series about relationships, but the franchise has lagged in allowing same-sex pairings. Three Houses heavily suggests that certain characters feel love and affection for each other regardless of gender, and if you’re playing as a woman, you do have a handful of romantic options. Even so, the game never fully goes there. Well, unless you hack the game.

Over at the GBATemp forums, tinkerer Ningyoplug shared a workaround that uses a save editor to trick Three Houses into believing that you are playing as your unpicked protagonist choice. It’s a bit of a convoluted process, which is detailed in full here, but the results speak for themselves. If done correctly, you can basically marry whoever you want, regardless of gender. The romance scene with the ring will unfold with your actual protagonist.

Would it be better if Nintendo allowed for this to begin with? Absolutely. But, failing that, players are taking matters into their own hands, and it’s cool to see. Now if only I could marry Catherine and Shamir!

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