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Mario Kart Tour players are having a hilarious time steering and drifting

Nintendo needs to revoke some licenses

Mario drives a car. Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour may be Nintendo’s most high-profile release on mobile, meaning that a ton of people are trying the game out — only to be hit with a few surprises. The first surprise is that there’s no multiplayer (yet). Then there’s the $4.99 subscription, which unlocks the fastest mode. But perhaps the biggest shock some players are expressing comes when they drop into an actual race.

Given that this is a mobile game, some concessions have to be made so that the controls can work. It’s hard to be as precise as you are in a console version of Mario Kart, and it doesn’t help that Mario Kart Tour seems especially floaty. The result is that many people are having a hard time just driving in Mario Kart Tour — never mind drifting. It’s leading to some amazing memes:

Of course, given enough time, everyone will learn the intricacies of how to drive. And plenty of players are bragging about how good they are at the game. Some are even sharing tips for how to improve. But let’s pour one out for all those poor souls who are just trying to keep it together on the track.

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