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The trailer for BoJack Horseman’s final season is full of hope

The show’s final season is split in two

BoJack Horseman’s upcoming sixth season will be the final one, but as a new trailer reveals, it’ll be split into two parts. The first part will air on Oct. 25, with the second part arriving on Netflix on Jan. 31, 2020.

The first look at the sixth season is surprisingly full of hope. Bojack narrates the trailer, writing a letter to Diane from rehab and talking openly about how he regrets not getting help sooner. The other characters find themselves confronting their own demons, but Bojack remains resilient.

“I wasted so many years being miserable,” BoJack says, “because I assumed that was the only way to be. I don’t want to do that anymore.”

BoJack Horseman premiered on Netflix in 2014 to mixed reviews, but by the time the show’s second season rolled around, it was heralded as one of the best series not just streaming on Netflix, but airing on all of television. Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and designed by Lisa Hanawalt, the show takes place in a world populated by humans and anthropomorphic animals and centers around washed-up actor BoJack Horseman, who struggles with addition.

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