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Apex Legends season 3 gameplay trailer gives us a song, ice, and fire

Enjoy World’s Edge, Crypto and NF

Apex Legends’ season 3 gameplay trailer is here — but not before it leaked first, because of course it did. We see more of the newest legend, Crypto, as well as the World’s Edge map coming on Oct. 1.

EA Korea apparently let it slip early, and the Reddit hounds were all over that very late last night. The trailer stars Bloodhound dying, because of course, and sets up World’s Edge as a collision of molten rock and “chemical ice,” according to the YouTube description. A chef’s-kiss choice of NF’s “The Search” is your musical accompaniment.

There’s also an extended look at the new Charge Rifle in action, plus Crypto in an alternate skin, and another glimpse of the map’s train, first shown in yesterday’s trailer.

Late last night, EA Korea pulled the trigger early — Crypto is Korean after all (real name: Park Tae Joon) so maybe they were a little too hype for their Legend. It also seems to be S.O.P. for any new development in this game to slip out the door early (as a couple of Respawn Entertainment developers drily noted).

Apex Legends Season 3 — Meltdown gets started on Tuesday for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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