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Hearthstone’s next solo adventure starts Sept. 17

Venture into the Tombs of Terror

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Saviors of Uldum, the latest Hearthstone expansion, has introduced a host of new cards and mechanics to the game. On Sept. 17, the solo campaign will open, which offers a slower, more puzzling approach to the card game.

Tombs of Terror is the middle chapter in a year-long campaign, and it is a direct sequel to the earlier (and excellent) campaign The Dalaran Heist. Hearthstone’s single-player campaigns are currently one of the best parts of the free-to-play game. Instead of building decks and engaging in the meta that other players have built, I get to build a deck of cards on the fly and attempt to take down a chain of tough bosses. It has the dangerous feeling of a roguelike, but rewards persistence and clever card combinations.

Players will be able to advance through the new campaign with one of four heroes, who combine traditional player classes. Elise Starseeker, a Night Elf librarian, will be a Priest/Druid combo. Dino-tamer Brann Bronzebeard will combine Warrior and Hunter. Sir Finley Mrrglton of the Sands is a Paladin/Shaman murloc, and Reno Jackson is a Rogue/Mage hybrid.

Because these heroes can take exclusive cards from two classes, this should make deck building more interesting.

The first chapter of Tombs of Terror will be available on Sept. 17 for free, and players will be able to play Reno Jackson. Three additional chapters will be released in the weeks to come, and can be purchased for 700 in-game gold apiece, or in a $14.99 USD launch bundle. A $19.99 bundle is also available that contains a random legendary from Saviors of Uldum and a themed cosmetic card back.

Each chapter completion will grant players three Saviors of Uldum card packs, granting 15 packs total. Players who clear all chapters can earn an additional golden classic pack of cards, and unique card backs for normal and heroic completion.

The next level of puzzles.

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