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Red Dead Online’s next update hits Sept. 10, brings roles to the game

Get ready for Frontier Pursuits

Red Dead Online - a group of players in a posse. Rockstar Games via Polygon

The next update to Red Dead Online is set to be a hefty one, and we finally have a release date. The next Red Dead Online patch is due to arrive on Sept. 10, and it may be the biggest change yet to the way we currently we play the game.

Rockstar is adding “Frontier Pursuits”, the new official name for our already announced professions. Players will be able to take the role of a Bounty Hunter, Collector, or Trader. Players can swap between roles as they please; they are not exclusive. Each Frontier Pursuit grants new items, skills, and cosmetics.

While Frontier Pursuits will undoubtedly be the star of the show with the Sept. 10, there are a host of quality of life upgrades across the board that round out the Red Dead Online experience. Cosmetically-inclined players will be granted more custom outfit slots, so they can create their own outfits and save them to equip at a moment’s notice. Players will also be able to re-create their character’s appearance post-creation, which is a very welcome change.

Frontier Pursuits = Roles

Each role has its own experience bar that fills when you complete related activities. Hunting bounties grants Bounty Hunter experience, and there are similar activities for Traders and Collectors. Each Frontier Pursuit is capped at level 20. A player can pursue related activities to their favorite role to crank it, or play naturally and eventually earn experience in all three roles.

Bounty Hunters

Bounty hunters will have to purchase a license to start working. The license costs 15 Gold Bars, but Twitch Prime members can get the license for free if they link link their Twitch and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts by September 8.

Bounty boards will post jobs near law offices, post offices, and train stations. Once a Bounty Hunter reaches level 12, they can begin hunting other players with a bounty of $20 or more. The Bounty Hunter will be given a choice to join a session where they are tasked with taking the other player down alive. If wanted player escapes, then the Hunter fails their mission, but if they take the other player in they’ll receive an award and lock the fiend up.

Bounty Hunters will receive the following skills and items.

Focus: Targets glow red in Eagle Eye

Reinforced Lasso: A lasso made with reinforced rope to keep bounties secure

Reverse Spin: Perform a Reverse Spin with a single pistol or revolver

Tonics Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Tonics Pouch

Eagle Eye+: Track enemies while sprinting or galloping

Spin Up: Perform a Spin Up with a single pistol or revolver

Kit Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Kit Pouch

Tracking Arrow Pamphlet: A pamphlet recipe on how to craft Tracking Arrows

Reverse Spin Up: Perform a Reverse Spin Up with a single pistol or revolver

Ducking: Duck for protection while on horseback

Bolas: A thrown weapon, perfect for tangling the legs of bounties

Bounty Wagon: A wagon for securely retaining bounty targets

Perception: Receive a notification of bounties from a greater distance

Alternating Flips: Perform Alternating Flips with a single pistol or revolver

Dual Gun Spinning: Perform gun spinning tricks with two pistols or revolvers


Traders will work together with their camp companion, Cripps, to collect animal materials and start selling them for a business. Players will need to spend 15 Gold Bars on a Butcher’s Table. PlayStation 4 players will get a Butcher’s Table for free.

Cripps handles the logistics of the business, while the player hunts animals for pelts and carcasses. Resupply missions task the player with acquiring the necessities of a business, and delivery missions are all about getting the goods to a customer. The trader must protect the camp from raids — it’s the wild west, after all, and a booming business attracts attention. Luckily, the new camp dog will come in handy, especially because Traders can train a dog to warn them of upcoming attacks.

Unique Trader skills and items include:

Stew Pot: A camp upgrade that unlocks stew recipes to boost cores

Ingredients Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Ingredients Pouch

Awareness: Identify rival Trader wagons at an increased range

Canine Warning: Train your dog to warn of thieves raiding your camp

Medium and Large Delivery Wagons: Upgraded wagons that can hold more goods for transport

Weapons Locker: Store weapons for later use

Lance Knife: A bespoke knife style available to Traders only

Efficiency: Learn to increase the amount of usable materials from perfect carcasses

Materials Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Materials Pouch

Hunting Wagon: A sturdy wagon fit for carrying multiple carcasses, hides and pelts

Protection: Reduce the chance of raids at your camp


Collectors will be talking to Madam Nazar in order to start their journey of finding rare items around the frontier. Players who load up Grand Theft Auto Online and collect all 54 hidden playing cards can start the Collector path for free. Otherwise, it will cost 15 Gold Bars to begin the pursuit.

The Collector seems to be the least violent and most solo-friendly pursuit, as it’s all about hunting down and acquiring treasure. Sometimes this means searching a camp for tarot cards, and other times players will have to track down and dig up treasure.

Unique Collector skills and items include:

Divination: Sense when near collectibles

Pennington Field Shovel: An essential tool for uncovering buried collectibles

Potential: Detect disturbed earth when using Eagle Eye

Intuition: Narrow your search area

Horse Saddlebag Upgrade: Carry more in your Horse’s saddlebag

Refined Binoculars: Specialized binoculars that make dig sites glow from a great distance

Águila Machete: A classic machete restyled for the use of adventurous and belligerent Collectors

Metal Detector: An important tool which can identify collectibles buried underground

Equine Assistance: Collect herbs from horseback

Horse Lantern: Light the path ahead with a lantern attached to your horse’s breastplate

Valuables Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Valuables Pouch

Full patch notes for the Frontier Pursuit update will be released in the coming days. For now, players can start preparing for their chosen profession. Whether you’re a solo cowboy who just wants to fish and hunt, or a member of a rowdy posse, it seems as though this update will offer variety for all kinds of players.

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