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Netflix’s 2D-animated fantasy I Lost My Body gets a surreal trailer

The film’s based on a novel from Amélie writer Guillaume Laurant

A disembodied hand creeps around a city, but no, this isn’t footage from the upcoming Addams family animated movie.

Based on a novel by Amélie writer Guillaume Laurant, I Lost My BodyJ’ai perdu mon corps in the original French — tells the story of a severed hand that escapes a Parisian laboratory. Desperately in search of its original body, the hand begins to remember its old life, of days when it was once attached to a pizza boy named Naoufel. As the hand hunts down Naoufel, it also begins to recall the boy’s love for a librarian named Gabrielle, which may hold answers about just what happened to the hand.

Having premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, I Lost My Body became the first animated film to win the Nespresso Grand Prize. Netflix quickly snatched up the worldwide distribution rights. The movie will open in select theaters starting on Nov. 15, and then premiere on Netflix on Nov. 29.

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