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New Frozen 2 special look gives a sneak peek of Elsa’s new ‘Let It Go’


The trailers for Frozen 2 have been unfortunately bereft of the music that made the original movie so iconic. Thankfully, the latest sneak peek reassures us that Frozen 2 is indeed a musical.

Elsa gets a belty new solo, designed to show off the full range of Idina Menzel’s pipes. Called “Into the Unknown,” Elsa sings this song in pursuit of adventure. Footage at D23 revealed that a mysterious voice keeps calling out to her and she wants to find the source of it.

In this special look, the stone troll dude from the first movie who totally caused all the problems by being cryptic and not clear enough advises Elsa to seek out the unknown. The past, he warns her, is not what it seems and he urges her to go to the “enchanted lands.” In this cast, that means the magical forest that borders Arendelle and is perpetually swathed in a flurry of autumn colors.

In addition to this peek at “Into The Unknown,” Spotify also has previews for two other songs, Olaf’s “When I Am Older” and Anna’s “The Next Right Thing.” The full album is available for pre-order, with a total of 11 new songs (which include covers by Weezer, Panic! At the Disco, and Kacey Musgraves).

Frozen 2 comes out on Nov. 22. Check out the new poster:

a poster for frozen 2, anna, elsa, and kristoff defiantly look into the distance. olaf is also there. below the larger figures, is a smaller version of elsa standing on top of a mountain and calling for adventure Disney

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