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Creepy internet sensation Wrinkles the Clown gets a full exposé

Clowns will always be creepy

Move over, Pennywise. Wrinkles is the real deal. A new documentary promises to uncover the secret behind the terrifying clown and viral sensation.

For those who don’t remember, the creepy clown rose to internet fame about five years ago, after a video of a sinister figure wearing a clown mask emerging from underneath a child’s bed was posted on YouTube. The description of the video revealed that the clown’s name was Wrinkles, he lived in southwest Florida, and he’s regularly hired by children’s parents to scare them for misbehaving.

The video took off. Wrinkles became an internet mythos, birthing a whole genre of YouTube videos. Kids tried to call the number. Users uploaded videos of Wrinkles spotted “in the wild.” Parents hired him to terrorize their children. The trailer for the upcoming documentary reveals the full frenzied zeitgeist. The documentary sheds some light on the craze, with access from the man behind the mask himself.

Wrinkles the Clown (the documentary, not the figure) comes out on Oct. 4.

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