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Gears 5 runs great on every Xbox, but Xbox One X performance is a stunner

Either way, this seems to be one of the best looking Xbox One games ever

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The good news is that Gears 5 is going to look great no matter which version of the Xbox One you play it on, but the game also takes full advantage of the extra power of the Xbox One X. The folks over at Digital Foundry have taken a look at the game running on an Xbox One S and Xbox One X, so you can see exactly what the differences are.

On Xbox One X, players can apparently expect the game to run at a pretty consistent 60 frames per second throughout the campaign, a console first for the franchise. It maintains this frame rate through most of the action but, it seems, it can dip slightly early on in the game and when things are especially hectic.

As for the Xbox One S, the frame rate appears to be the most solid it’s ever been in Gears’ history. Just like the previous games, the One S version of the game runs at 30 fps, but unlike previous versions, it stays nearly locked at that frame rate. Where previous games have had their starts and stutters, it seems Gears 5 is a smooth 30 fps almost all the way through on the One S.

One place that the differences between the games really shows is in split-screen. Both versions of the game use 30 frames per second in split-screen, since the game has more to render. For the One X version of the game, split-screen generally maintains its 30 fps target, rarely dropping below in the game’s most frantic moments. Performance is much more variable on the Xbox One S, however, making console choice matter a bit more if you’d like to play in split-screen.

The detail in the world is incredible on both consoles, however, and the HDR is, according to Digital Foundry, some of the best implemented modern games. Other games have struggled with performance on the standard consoles, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case with Gears 5.

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