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Child’s Play’s Chucky getting his own SyFy TV series

Original creators Don Mancini and David Kirschner are aboard for the ride

Chucky doll rising from behind a sleeping boy
Child’s Play (2019)
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Chucky, the homicidal star of seven films over the past 30 years, will now star in a TV series for SyFy. The network announced the order but not a premiere date (or number of episodes) in a news release during the Television Critic’s Association winter press tour.

SyFy’s statement laid out the series’ premise: A vintage Chucky doll is found at a yard sale, and the inevitable murderin’ that ensues terrorizes “an idyllic American town” while “exposing [its] hypocrisies and secrets. Several characters from Chucky’s past — friends and foes alike — show up to expose the truth of the killings, unwinding the secrets of Chucky’s origins in the process.

Creator Don Mancini (also director of 2015’s Hannibal) is the show’s executive producer, and he also has David Kirschner, producer of the original 1988 Child’s Play, aboard as producer.

The most recent Child’s Play/Chucky endeavor was last year’s reboot film featuring Mark Hamill as Chucky’s voice. That movie was neither decisively a fan favorite nor a critical dud (according to all the aggregating measures) but it did make money. Probably the funniest gag it pulled was the fact it launched the same weekend as Toy Story 4, with a marketing campaign showing Chucky preying on Pixar’s beloved characters.

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