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Bloodborne modders restore another boss fight to the PS4 exclusive

Meet the Loran Cleric

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Bloodborne modders are always looking to add something to their favorite game. They already discovered possible evidence of the missing Vileblood Queen storyline last year, and now the community has found a new boss. Meet the boss variant of the Loran Cleric.

The Loran Cleric is already in the game as a grunt enemy in the Loran Chalice Dungeon — Chalice Dungeons being a somewhat randomly generated, late-game dungeon filled with monsters and rewards. Originally, From Software intended to use Loran Clerics at various points throughout Bloodborne’s campaign. And this newly uncovered boss variant was originally to be a rare boss at the end of the Loran Chalice Dungeon.

The Loran Cleric boss is a fireball slinging baddy with several flame attacks. It’s a hunched over creature that looks similar to the Female Beast Patient enemy from Old Yharnam. It’s hooded, with what looks like spikes coming out of its face. The boss variant looks almost identical to its basic enemy form.

The boss doesn’t work perfectly in Foxy Hooligans’ recreation. It doesn’t move around the arena, and simply pivots to look at the Hunter. But it does maintain all of its powerful moves, including a flame wave that emits from its center and looks particularly tough to dodge. In the video above, Foxy Hooligans makes it all the way through the fight with Loran Cleric, despite some serious frame-rate drops during the battle.

In the description for the video above, Foxy Hooligans on YouTube shouts out the Tomb Prospectors modding community. Foxy Hooligans used a jailbroken PS4 and DSTools modding tools by katalash to rebuild The Loran Cleric boss.

It’s unclear if players will ever have an easy way to play the Loran Cleric boss fight. But if you’re a talented modder, you may be able to follow in Foxy Hooligans and the Tomb Prospectors footsteps.

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