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Doomguy brings a laser sword to the gunfight in new Doom Eternal trailer

Doomguy messing up demons? What’s not to like?

id Software and Bethesda Softworks gave Doom fans a new look at Doom Eternal today, showcasing new glory kills and new enemies coming to the hyper-violent first-person shooter.

There’s plenty of story setup here, as well, giving Doomguy reasons to do what we all came here for: to gorily shred demons with shotguns, laser swords, rocket launchers, and a pair of meaty fists. The new Doom Eternal trailer focuses on the single-player campaign side of things, showing off the new enemies like the Marauder and the Gladiator, and Doomguy’s sword skills with the Crucible. (There’s also a brand-new multiplayer mode, called Battlemode, being developed in house by id Software.)

Doom Eternal is coming to Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on March 20, after a brief delay. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development and will be released later.

Polygon will have more on Doom Eternal soon.

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