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PlayStation wrap-up breaks down your playtime for 2019

Sony’s infographic includes your favorite games

PlayStation 4 Pro Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Now you can find out how much time you spent on your PlayStation 4 last year. Sony has posted a fun online tool that creates an infographic of PlayStation users’ gaming time.

If you’re an adult with a PlayStation Network account, you can log in here. The tool churns out the top three games you played in 2019, and how much time you spent on them. I share my PlayStation with my kids, so my results came back with Fortnite top, followed by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (that was definitely me), and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

You can also find out how much time you spent gaming overall, how many days you played, how many trophies you earned, and the time of the week you’re most likely to be on your PlayStation. The tool will also log hours spent on your Vita, if you’re still using the PlayStation portable.

Ultimately, it’s part commercial for Sony’s subscription service PlayStation Plus — I felt slightly judged when I was informed that I hadn’t downloaded any Plus games last year — and part a chance to brag how many hours you logged playing games, but it’s still fun, and something you can post on to social media, or in comments below.