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Rainbow Six Siege’s new map is a glass kill house inside a stadium

Stadium, a high-tech training facility, gets fans ready for The Six Invitational in February

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege players will get a new map and battle pass, with loot spread out over the next five weeks, in anticipation of The Six Invitational, the game’s premier esports tournament. It’s called the Road to SI 2020, and it starts today, and runs until Feb. 16.

The new map is called Stadium; it was teased yesterday with the above, lore-based cinematic. Stadium is the ruins of a modern coliseum in Greece, cleaned up and set up as a training/proving grounds for the Operators. Set up on the infield is a kill house stocked with rooms and other callbacks to other maps in the Rainbow Six Siege lineup. “This new map uses bulletproof glass material to create new situations,” the map’s description states.

The Stadium gives players access to all of the game’s Operators, even those they haven’t unlocked. Unranked is a Bomb game type where both teams are trying to find the other’s detonator, bring it back to their base, and disarm it.

But evidently it will also be where the Six Invitational takes place five weeks from now. The season-ending Six Invitational 2020 will bring 16 top teams to Ubisoft Montreal to compete for a large, cash prize pool. Last that pool was $2 million, raising the stakes for competitive play. The Six Invitational 2020 begins Feb. 7. and runs for a week.

Commemorating that is a free Six Invitational MPX skin for all players. It’s called the “S.I. Club Reward” and can be found in the Rewards section of the Ubisoft Club. That will be also be available until Feb. 16.

A Battle Pass accompanying the event will feature 50 rewards spread over 35 tiers, earn by completing challenges. Or the pass can be bought outright for for 840 R6 Credits. The premium track will deliver uniforms, R6 Credits, and Renown boosters in addition to the headgears, weapon skins, weapon charms, and Alpha Packs on the free track. The Road to SI 2020 also provides a 25% boost for ranked and unranked playlists, which increases to 30% for Year 4 Pass holders.

Much more is expected of Rainbow Six Siege over the next month, as the Six Invitational also serves as a preview of things to come for the game’s next year of content. Yesterday, a Redditor discovered, and posted, assets from the latest 4.2 patch that hint at what may be coming, including a year-long Battle Pass and six new operators.

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