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Steam’s soundtrack change means saying goodbye to some good goofs

Since they’re no longer considered DLC on Steam

undertale header
Undertale (2015)
Toby Fox

Steam is finally getting a category listing for soundtracks, which cleans up how they’re offered on the marketplace. Since they’re no longer classified as DLC, that means soundtracks will no longer have system requirements in their listings.

It’s kind of silly that they did for all this time, right? Soundtrack vendors usually just tossed in some kind of minimal operating system and left it at that, but Undertale’s Toby Fox had a little more fun with it when it was listed way back in 2015.

We like the “very fast processor that can play 9000 songs per second.” That is one punk rock processor! But really though, it’s just music files. This probably isn’t the end of system requirement goofs across the board. For example, a reply to Fox’s thread shows the fun had by The End is Nigh and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth .

The new soundtrack features and functionalities — such downloading songs without the base game, browsing and managing music libraries within the Steam library — will be available beginning Jan. 20.

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