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Minecraft’s servers aren’t shutting down, contrary to internet prank

A prank website left fans worried, but Minecraft is just fine

Minecraft characters pose on a hill Image: Mojang/Xbox Game Studios
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Despite what the internet may or may not have told you, Minecraft isn’t shutting down its servers on Dec. 21, 2020.

This prodigious rumor appears to come from prank site, which published a “story” that was picked up by a major search engine and promoted alongside legitimate outlets in its news feed. For those unaware, Channel45news is a website designed for pranks that lets you generate a headline of your choosing. In this case, that headline was, “Minecraft will shut down their servers in late 2020.”

Microsoft community manager Helen Zbihlyj tweeted on Thursday in an effort to clear up the rumors. “Minecraft is NOT stopping, Mojang is NOT closing.” Polygon has also reached out to Microsoft for additional comment.

The prank appeared to pop up around Dec. 30, where the “news story” circulated on Twitter. It’s obvious Channel45news is a prank website once you’ve clicked on the link — a banner on the side of the screen reads “You’ve been pranked!” But the headline itself, paired with a “news” URL, may have seemed convincing in a passing glance. Thanks to that, the story quickly spread across social media.

Despite what this hoax may suggest, Minecraft remains one of the most popular and important games of of the last 10 years, and it seems that there’s no slowing it down as the game enters its next decade. New, major updates are released frequently, the last of which was just a couple weeks ago.

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