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Netflix’s Horse Girl is about a horse girl, but also maybe aliens and lucid dreams

We were kinda hoping for more horses, but what can you do

There’s a little bit of a horse girl inside of all of us, just waiting to be let out.

The trailer for Netflix’s Horse Girl starts off centered on the socially awkward Sarah (Allison Brie) and seems like it’s going to be a belated coming-of-age tale, as shy Sarah realizes that yes, she does deserve to have fun, let loose, and fall in love!

Except, well, Sarah’s nose starts bleeding when she’s about to have an intimate moment with Prospective Love Interest, and the trailer goes a bit off the rails there. It’s not exactly clear what’s going on — something about aliens, Sarah’s grandmother’s mental illness, and repeated shots of a horse. Even though the trailer keeps returning to the horse, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough horse. Is this all in Sarah’s head? Are there aliens? Is it lucid dreaming? Or is she actually a were-horse or centaur that’s coming of age and manifesting her equine powers? (Fingers crossed for that last one.)

Horse Girl comes from Life After Beth’s Jeff Baena, with a script from Baena and Brie. It will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 27, before heading to Netflix on Feb. 7.

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