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Frostpunk’s prequel add-on takes place before the icy apocalypse

The Last Autumn comes to the Victorian city-builder on PC

A new set of missions for post-apocalyptic city-building strategy game Frostpunk is out today on Windows PC. What sets that new DLC apart is its setting — it takes place before the game’s catastrophic frost.

The main game is set in a quasi-Victorian world in which the planet suffers a massive global temperature drop. Frostpunk: The Last Autumn is a prequel in which players must organize a fractious workforce in order to construct energy-generating cities that will help humanity survive in the forthcoming big freeze.

The Last Autumn features new buildings and potential social codes that can be used to motivate (or threaten) workers. A new mode called Builders is also included, which posits a variety of scenarios.

Frostpunk is developed by 11 bit Studios, which is also known for narrative adventure This War of Mine. Both games confront players with tricky moral questions, often about how far the means justify the ends. In The Last Autumn, workers have yet to experience the coming environmental catastrophe, and are sometimes unwilling to make sacrifices for an uncertain future.

The Last Autumn is available as part of the Frostpunk Season Pass ($24.99) which includes previous DLC The Rift, and an unnamed future pack. It’s available for stand-alone for $16.99.

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