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Temtem guide: Use Smoke Bombs escape fights and heal your Temtem

Warp back the last Temporium you visited

Use Smoke Bombs in Temtem to escape fights and heal your temtem Image: Crema via Polygon
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Early on in Temtem, it’s easy to wander too far and find yourself outmatched against superior foes. Luckily, there’s an item that will instantly transport you back to safety.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs are consumable items that instantly teleport you back to the last Temporium or mini-Temporium you visited. It’s not fast travel, and it’s not really a warp because you can’t choose where to go, but it’s an excellent way to get out of danger.

Visiting new areas usually means engaging in a long series of fights. If you’re not quite powerful enough, you’ll likely lose a few of your squad to unconsciousness. Dropping a Smoke Bomb is a great way to get you back to a Temporium quickly and safely. There, you can revive and heal your squad for free. (This is similar to what happens when all of your Temtem fall unconscious.)

Where to buy Smoke Bombs

Temtem Smoke Bombs return to Temporium
Smoke Bombs cost 120 pansuns at a shop.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Smoke Bombs won’t be available at first (and might be out of your price range for a while). The first shops where you’ll be able to pick them up are in Brical de Mar, Arissola, and The Gifted Bridges.

Smoke Bombs cost 120 pansuns each.

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