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Temtem guide: Why are some attack circles red or yellow?

Your attack circle’s color is a hint to how much damage an attack does

Temtem guide to attack circle colors Crema via Polygon
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In Temtem, every type has strengths and weaknesses against other types — we’ve already written a guide with a chart of them all. But there’s a visual hint during combat that helps you remember what attacks work best.

Temtem attacks have types, too

Each Temtem has a type that generally determines what it’s weak to. The attacks each Temtem uses have their own types, too. For example, Smazee is a Melee type Temtem, but their basic attacks, Kick and Tail Strike, deal Neutral damage.

Temtem attack type details
Check an attack’s details to see what type of damage it deals. The green corner by the name and the leaf icon in the details for Sharp Leaf mean it deals Nature damage.
Crema via Polygon

The type of damage each attack deals is indicated by the color of the corner behind and to the left of the name. For more information, check the details of the attack while hovering over it, like in the image above.

Red and yellow attack circles

Because of the strengths and weaknesses of each type, your attacks will do regular, double, or half damage (synergies might increase damage further as you level up, but these are the basics).

All attacks start with a white attack circle — the cursor you use to target Temtem during battle. This either means that it will deal normal (unmodified) damage or that you don’t know if the attack will be modified.

Temtem attack type circle color strengths weaknesses
Saku’s Urushiol attack has a yellow (yellow-green) circle against Kaku because it deals double damage.
Image: Crema via Polygon

If an attack only deals half damage (it’s a type the attack is weak against), the cursor will change to red for that attack against that species of Temtem. Attacks that deal double damage (strong against) will turn yellow (arguably yellow-green).

You’ll have to learn what works against each new species you encounter, but that information does carry forward for subsequent battles.

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