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Battlefield 5’s next chapter brings the WWII action to the jungles of the Pacific

Chapter 6, called Into the Jungle, goes to the Solomon Islands

Despite its rough launch and rocky release schedule, Battlefield 5 keeps plugging along with its strategy of free downloadable content. The next chapter is called Into the Jungle, and features lots of close-quarters combat in the muck and mire of the Pacific. The free module arrives on Feb. 6.

The centerpiece of Chapter 6 is the new map, Solomon Islands. The launch trailer, embedded above and available on YouTube, includes a sneak peak at its narrow choke points and hidden bunkers. Expect both sides to take advantage of the thick foliage for melee attacks.

Oddly enough, the emphasis on melee also now extends to anti-tank weapons. Into the Jungle introduces the Japanese Imperial Army’s lunge mine. Deployment of the weapon required leaping from cover toward an enemy vehicle with a massive shaped charge explosive on the end of a stick. The suicidal attack was difficult to make, but devastatingly effective.

Players will also have access to a the Japanese Type 11 light-machine gun, the Model 37 shotgun, and the M2 carbine. Developers at EA DICE will also be unveiling their version of the iconic M1A1 Bazooka. An elite player avatar, machete-wielding commander Misaki Yamashiro, can be unlocked through play. Pilots Steve Fisher and Akira Sakamoto are also available as for-pay add-ons.

Note that the Battlefield 5 Year 2 Edition is now on sale for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. It includes dozens of unlocked weapons and skins that you might otherwise need to grind for. Look for it on your storefront of choice, or get it direct from EA online.

Update: An earlier version of this story indicated that the Steve Fisher and Akira Sakamoto avatars could be unlocked through play. EA DICE reached out to say they’re only available as add-on purchases. We’ve adjusted the article accordingly.

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