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Temtem guide: Where to get a surfboard

Find Sophia and get your surfboard

Temtem how to get a surfboard guide Image: Crema via Polygon
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Early on in Temtem, people you meet will tell you about how nice it would be to have a surfboard. Having one lets you travel around faster, encounter Water type Temtem, and access some new locations around the Airborne Archipelago. But you’ll have to put in some work before you get a surfboard of your own.

This guide will let you know the main quest objectives you’ll need to complete before you receive your surfboard.

Release Sophia!

The First Steps main quest begins as soon as you start Temtem. It will guide you from your start in Zadar, through Brical de Mar, and up to Arissola to meet Dojo Master Sophia. When you arrive at Sophia’s Dojo, she’s not there. You’ll have to travel farther north to the Gifted Bridges to find her.

Temtem Windward Fort map location
Location of Windward Fort.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Head all the way to the Windward Fort, where you’ll find Sophia trapped in a cell. As you fight your way through the fort, Nature and Electric type Temtem like Swali or Ganki are good to have in your squad. At the top, defeat Lady Lottie to receive the key for Sophia’s cell.

Free her, and she’ll head back to her Dojo in Arissola.

Challenge Sophia!

Temtem Arissola map Sophia’s Dojo location
Location of Sophia’s Dojo in Arissola.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Back in Arissola, head into the Dojo to train with the now-returned Sophia. You’ll have to fight your way through some Apprentice tamers before her. Again, Nature and Electric types work great for the fights.

When you defeat Sophia, she’ll reward you with a surfboard.