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Temtem guide: Level up your Temtem faster with the Coward’s Cloak

Complete Perilous Archaeology to quickly get those wild-caught Temtem up to speed

Level up and evolve your Temtem faster with the Coward’s Cloak Image: Crema via Polygon
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Collecting wild creatures in Temtem fills out your fighting squad with new types and fighting techniques. But the wild Temtem you pick up probably won’t be close to your squad’s level.

This guide will help you find the Coward’s Cloak, an item that will level up and evolve your Temtem faster.

Perilous Archaeology

After you challenge Sophia at her Dojo in Arissola, you’ll get a surfboard. Return to Windward Fort in the north. Go to the lowest level — where you found Sophia in the cells — and use your new surfboard to follow the water out to the right (east).

Temtem Cowards Cloak Perilous Archaeology side quest locations map
Head to the Distressed Archaeologist in the southeast of the map above, and then go to the dig site at the center of the spiral to the northwest.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Head across the Sillaro River to the right (have an Electric type Temtem or two for any untamed encounters). When you reach the beach, talk the people treading water nearby.

After a quick conversation, you’ll have to fight the Distressed Archaeologist and their Assistant — they have a Siapat, a Saku, a Nessla, and a Wiplump. All of their Temtem are level 19. (Electric type Temtem are good against most of them, but you’ll want something Earth or Crystal type to deal with the Nessla quickly. We’ve got a guide listing all types with their strengths and weaknesses to help you choose.)

Once they’re defeated, you’ll pick up the Perilous Archaeology side quest. Head left (west), back through the Windward Fort, and out the other side. Nearby, the river spirals in to the dig site.

Follow the spiral, and fight the Belsoto members you meet along the way. (Keep those Electric types handy.)

Temtem Coward’s Cloak Perilous Archaeology dig site
Fight all Belsoto members you meet in the spiral until you can claim your reward.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Once you defeat the last of them in the center of the spiral, open the box to collect the Coward’s Cloak.

How to use the Coward’s Cloak

The simplest way to level up your Temtem is to just use them in fights. They’ll earn XP while fighting and level up over time. The Coward’s Cloak, however, lets Temtem earn XP even when they’re not fighting.

Temtem Coward’s Cloak equip gear
Equip the Coward’s Cloak on the Temtem you want to level up without fighting.
Image: Crema via Polygon

Go into your Backpack, tab over to Gear, select the cloak, and then pick which Temtem in your squad should carry it.

As long as they’re in your squad, that Temtem will earn XP from every fight. That means you can use your strongest Temtem to take on tougher enemies for more XP. The Temtem with the cloak will share in the rewards without taking on the risks.