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Apex Legends’ season 4 launch trailer reveals the origins of Revenant

The game’s newest Legend wasn’t always a cyborg assassin

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Revenant is the latest character to join Apex Legends, and in the game’s season 4 launch trailer, Respawn Entertainment shows us the origins of the terrifying assassin.

The trailer starts out with a calm and collected hitman preparing for his day before receiving a new contract. It quickly cuts to a high-profile dinner, where the assassin’s target sits at a table with his wife and daughter. The dinner is cut short when Revenant arrives. Revenant is a twisted cyborg with a skull-like face — the same one that interrupted the Forge interview in the trailer from earlier this week.

The guards that stand around the target are apparently no match for Revenant as he takes them out with ease. Just when it seems he’ll be overpowered by the guards, his entire body starts to smolder, and smoke swirls around him. He uses this smoke to disappear at one point, reappearing behind a guard to use his own weapon against him. While we don’t know anything for sure, it certainly seems like these smoldering and smoky states could be previews of the abilities Revenant will bring with him to Apex Legends.

Revenant finally gets his targets — both the man he was assigned and his partner-in-crime wife. After he finishes his mission, we see that the man from the beginning of the trailer is what Revenant used to be, but they’re only memories. He looks down at his hand and sees the logo of Hammond Robotics, which could be the company that turned him into the cyborg assassin he is now.

Revenant is part of Apex Legends season 4, called Assimilation, and should be out near the beginning of the season, which starts on Feb. 4.